Marcia discovered her love of cooking at an early age by helping to prepare the family dinners after school.  While cooking was something she enjoyed, it was never something she imagined doing for a living, at least not then…


After graduating from high school, Marcia went on to earn a degree in political science from the University of Connecticut.  Upon graduation Marcia left for Washington D.C. where she worked in government relations for many years.  


While living in Washington, Marcia was exposed to wonderful restaurants and many ethnic cuisines she had not experienced while growing up in suburban Connecticut.  It was during this time that Marcia took her cooking to a new level – studying cookbooks and magazines, searching in gourmet food shops and experimenting with new dishes every moment she could.  Finally, a honeymoon trip to France was the turning point in Marcia’s career.  The abundance of so many wonderful fresh ingredients and the French appreciation for fine food prompted her to realize that she wanted to share this kind of joy with others.

Within months of her return to Washington, Marcia enrolled in culinary school at L’Academie de Cuisine.  While attending culinary school Marcia worked at Balduccis Market as a cheese specialist and as a cook at 1789 Restaurant.   Marcia graduated at the top of her class and continued on at 1789 under Executive Chef Ris Lacoste.

While working in a restaurant kitchen was an invaluable experience and a lot of fun, it lacked that personal contact with customers.  “I missed seeing people say ‘yum’ – something that friends and family would say after tasting my meals”.  Marcia heard of personal chefs and realized that this might be the perfect outlet for her culinary talents.  She would be able to cook and have direct contact with clients and even have the opportunity to teach clients how to create their own meals to share with others.

Sweet Pea Cuisine was founded with the goal of providing busy professionals and families with natural and nutritious home cooked meals  they could enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.  


Chef Marcia is fully insured and ServSafe certified. 

"As a personal chef I take great pride in providing a unique dining experience for each and every one of my clients"

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